MOD Community Forum:

Masters of Defense hosts this forum for members and prospective members to collaborate and share anything from Destiny to cars and music.




Be sure to check out what tournaments we have going on and coming up in the future.



Our Purpose:

“MOD” is an adult destiny clan

Our aim is to assemble, cultivate, and maintain a salty cadre of “Guardians of Character” who develop and become known for their proficient yet respectful gameplay”


Check here often for important News.

How to get outbreak prime:

A good how to on getting Outbreak Prime can be found HERE


Posting Gaming Sessions:

I encourage folks who are having trouble filling events from within the clan to remember that they can post or edit a post to make it PUBLIC and visible to the “Entire” 100 community.

1v1 Tournament info

rules and information


  1. No Heavy
  2. No Exotic Armor
  3. No perks/armor that grant 2 grenades

Banned Abilities:

  1. Backstab
  2. Unstoppable

Banned Weapons/Perks:

  1. No Land Beyond
  2. Icebreaker
  3. Sidearms
  4. Vex Mythoclast
  5. Grasp of Malok
  6. Invective
  7. Universal remote
  8. Queenbreaker’s bow
  9. Luck in the Chamber
  10. Class specific weapons
  11. Bullet hoses. (High ROF low impact auto rifles)


1v1 Elimination, First to win 3 complete elimination matches. So It’ll be at least 15 kills to win.



Misc. Rules:

    1. If a match is “Laggy” it will be stopped and restarted until both parties are green
    2. If you disconnect during a match it counts as a loss
    3. There will be one extra “spectator” on each side that will commit

suicide at the beginning of every round and be the “camera” for streaming the matches.

  1. Judge for any disputes is Rally

Link to Tournament Bracket:

The bracket can be viewed HERE